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My Tarot Philosophy


First, it is important to understand what your tarot reader believes. Lots of readers don't believe that tarot predicts the future and so they never get answers about the future. They may be right there in front of them, but they don’t believe in that and, therefore, dismiss it. I do believe implicitly in the power of the cards. I am a professional tarot reader who believes that tarot can and does predict future events. I believe tarot tells us when we’re on track and what to focus on. I believe it cautions about successes and losses. Tarot will illuminate what is hidden and tells us how to brace for impact.

I do not believe that tarot can give me the name of your future soulmate or the day and time you will meet him or her. I believe tarot will give a time frame like days, weeks and months or Spring, Summer and Fall. It may say that you’ll meet “the one” after a vacation or on a trip, but it has never given dates like December 31, 2024. 

I do believe that tarot cards can predict the future. That they can tell you if you're boyfriend is faithful or not and why your boss seems to hate you. Questions like, “What obstacles are ahead of me,” or “How can I get this promotion?” My deck has never failed me, because of the relationship we have. I trust it and it rewards that belief with honesty and integrity. 

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